Experience, knowledge and continuous innovation open to technologies

These are the distinctive signs that outline the shape of a successful company that sees Cosberg standing out among international excellences in mechatronics.

Cosberg has always focused on Research & Development, investing constantly in studying new solutions for the industrial automation and in the continuous improvement of internal processes, starting from marketing to production.

That’s not all: Cosberg is one of the promoters of Intellimech, one of the major pre-competitive research consortiums in mechatronics (about 18 companies ) that uses his knowledge base in order to produce open innovation such as a continuous sharing of innovative opportunities with partners, universities and research institutes.

Innovative Power and Creative Thinking

The results of this innovative dynamism are all the more tangible. Cosberg has developed 16 patents for automatic assembly devices and it has acquired the international patent for the electro resonant piezo-feeders, able to improve performance and increase energy savings. The quality system of Cosberg was also matter of detailed evaluation by potential customers in order to validate new suppliers, obtaining very high and significant results and scores.