Cosberg is here!

Cosberg is here!

There we are, ready to start with the same innovative and fighting spirit that has always distinguished us. Although, in reality, we never stopped.

From Monday 4 May our Italian offices reopen, but in reality we continued our job in smart working modality even during the entire closing period, activating over 80% of the functions that we could activate, thus guaranteeing continuity to the projects thanks to the great work done by our design team, which has never stopped and has carried out several important projects . At the same time, we have provided services, commercial support and technical assistance to customers and prospects.

The first phase has ended, but the difficult period is not over yet.

We find ourselves facing new and unknown horizons, which we must learn to know and face with determination and concreteness, remaining united. We must go back to trust and we must keep our companies' competitiveness higher than ever.

Fears, precautions, strict rules, limitations to travel: these are new difficulties to transform into opportunities.

We are ready.
Distances increase, physically, because travel is limited, if not prevented. But new technologies allow us to get in touch with customers and prospects to organize meetings and discussions. Cosberg has already done so in this closing period and has been doing it for years with customers located all over the world and with whom we have carried out even very complex projects in a linear and satisfying way for everyone.

Selling today special systems such as those made by us means offering products and services that ensure the customer the possibility of having the installation and ramp-up of the system, the training of its technicians, as well as assistance, despite the limits set by the emergency.

And this is possible with Cosberg machines. Because they have always been designed to be “Ready To Run”, that is, to guarantee a simple and quick installation (some customers already install our systems independently), a ramp-up that is easy to perform and takes only a few hours, and objective tests carried out through software that do not require physical presence to be carried forward. Added to this is the possibility of receiving the necessary assistance remotely, worldwide, 24 hours a day: a service that Cosberg has been offering for over ten years.

The important economic crisis that arose as a result of the health emergency has created new scenarios that are accelerating the direction in which it was already going, that of digitization and automation of processes. If before, however, the goal was to gain added value, now it becomes a necessity. In fact, companies have the need to maintain high competitiveness, but at the same time to reduce the number of natural persons present in the company - making more use of the smart working formula.

All this implies the fact that, despite the inevitable economic difficulties, it is necessary to continue investing in digitization and automation: giving it a rest would be a serious mistake.

In light of this, today more than ever Cosberg is at the complete disposal to start the projects of customers and prospects, offering that competence, that innovative spirit and that determination that has always distinguished it, to which are added the long experience gained in years in different sectors enriched by that transversal technological know-how that constantly develops and experiments.

Our aim has always been, and will always remain, to guarantee customers high levels of competitiveness through customized solutions for the automation of assembly processes capable of increasing efficiency and production quality. And, as already mentioned, we have pursued it even during this difficult period through smart working, a method that we have been able to activate quickly thanks to a lean organization that acted promptly.

Another aspect that has always been important for Cosberg is our support for the territory. For this reason, donations have been made through various channels and for the benefit of Bergamo realities that are still at the forefront of the fight against the virus.

As already said, now that a new phase begins and new challenges await us, action is needed. Even though with caution, it is necessary to face the problems one step at a time, but holding the projects and dreams that have guided us up to here and holding friends and partners we feel close to each other in our hands: it is the only way to get out of it all well, stronger than before.