Science Park and Clusters of Technology

One of Cosberg’s goals is to create unique  products

Being aware that internal resources, although competent and enterprising, cannot take advantages of all the opportunities of market’s technological development, Cosberg opened a windows on the world of Research (Academies and Laboratories) creating a network with which to compare, sharing know-how, up to the concrete realization of some innovative projects.

For Cosberg Open Innovation means tighten cooperation on specific projects with research centres such as laboratories, universities (including the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Bergamo) and technology transfer centres. The company’s strategy is based on the conviction that the valorization of talents is the starting point for building a solid and lasting future, in order to break cultural barriers, agreeing common strategies to protect the knowledge. Especially by making the enterprise network more competitive, transforming synergic agreements into actual technology - clusters. Confirming the international structure of the company and its constant technological scouting, Cosberg has signed a number of international cooperation agreements on specific applications such as piezoelectric vibration technology. This is a strategic innovation that helped to overcome many difficulties in feeding small parts by vibration, as well as to drastically reduce energy consumption.