Special system to mount and test motorcycles brakes


Special semi-automatic system to mount and test bled ABS moto system

Technical data

Speed (pieces/hour) 24
Components to be assembled 15
Operators 2
Product Versions 5

Ready to Run

Production change time 5'
Start-up time 1,5 days
Ramp-up time 1 day
Special system to mount and test motorcycles brakes MOTORCYCLES BRAKES


Main features
Structure with electro-welded basement, composed with a central mono-block and with upwards and downwards detachable from the central mono-block in order to enable the transport.

Pallet transfer system with free rollers chain.

Pallet with Rfid memory for the storage of all production data.

Bowl feeders with piezo (Moxmec technology) for a fast/easy adaptation to different voltages.

Automatic station for bleeding and filling with brake fluid and level control.

Automatic station for ABS control unit testing and testing of all assembled braking system.

Possibility of processing the complete braking system (front and rear) or only the front one or only the rear one without any set-up.

Monitoring and storage of production data.

System realized according to UL regulations.