Special linear system for the completion of circuit breaker


Free pallet linear machine

Technical data

Speed (pieces/hour) 1.500
Components to be assembled 5
Product Versions > 20

Ready to Run

Production change time 0'
Start-up time 1 day
Ramp-up time 1 day
Special linear system for the completion of circuit breaker CIRCUIT BREAKER


Main features
The circuit breaker comes from another mounting machine and is loaded on a belt. An automatic datamatrix code reading system allows the automatic set-up of the mounting stations and of the testing station.

The machine can work on single allotments as each circuit breaker has its own specific features.

The machine carries out: the mounting of 6 different components to complete the circuit breaker, depth control and release force control of the spring and the unscrewing of the screws to make easier the installation of the circuit breaker.

The supply includes 3 masters for the check-up of the control station. This station must work with pre-set parameters.

Nr.2 ultra-sound welding machines mounted on slides which place themselves according to the circuit breaker model, carry out the deformation of the pin that blocks the button on the circuit breaker. Nr. 2 labelling machines place two labels on the sides of the switch to close the holes.

PC with SAD, COP and CMD software for the recording and control of mounting data.