Feeding Groups

We offer feeding groups for a wide range of components of different sizes and materials. A circular vibrating base, a linear rail and a pacing selector compose them. To generate the vibration we use two different technologies: the traditional electromagnetic one and the innovative piezoelectric technology, effective especially for small size parts.


For the delicate Handling phase you can count on systems specifically designed for the different operations: from configurable modules such as electro-pneumatic Pick&Place arms by MoxMec to the integration of robots programmed for tending groups of machine, welding or artificial-vision processes, transfer of parts from one machine to another, palletisation during the loading and unloading processes from or into trays.

Screw-driving and Insertion

Our screw-driving solutions warrant flexibility in terms of performance, thanks to the components and the control structure. They feature devices for the automatic supply of screws, with automatic interruption of the vibration of the bowl, and are indicated also for special applications and for being fit on Robots.

Special Applications

During the automatic assembling process a product can undergo a series of mechanical processes such as: punch or orbital riveting, thanks to the Taumel heads promoted by Sigimec; drilling, tapping, lubrication and greasing; bonding with relative polymerization; laser or ultrasound welding; sheet punching, joining elements with Tox points.


The Lines we realize can integrate controls of different nature such as: presence of components, dimensional and tolerance controls, shape, direction and colour controls, measurements related to the physical quantities, electrical parameters and quality of surface treatments. Moreover there are functional controls of the assembled parts according to the detailed technical requirements set by the Customer.

Software Applications

Cosberg systems are equipped with a software monitoring system that can provide a wide range of real-time information, useful performance-analysis and diagnostics, such as production data, yield data and alarms. It offers the possibility to store data and alarms history or analogical controls done on individual mounted parts and the traceability of each part with its identification code.