Special rotary table machine to mount electric cell


Rotary table machine with 8 positions. 

Datos Técnicos

Cadencia (piezas/hora) 700
Componentes de ensamblar 6
Versiones producto 2

Ready to Run

Tiempo medio de cambio producción 20'
Tiempos medios de start-up 4 hours
Tiempos medios de ramp-up 4 hours
Special rotary table machine to mount electric cell ELECTRIC CELL


Main features
The machine features a special application to orientate the cell according to a reference mark.

The different parts of the machine are realized with standardized units made by Cosberg and both the linear and the circular feeders are carried out with piezo electric bases.

In case of feeding stops, each station restarts automatically its cycle as soon as the pieces arrive at the picking point.

The spring feeding groups with inserted disentangler have an efficacy of 100%.When a tangled spring enters, it is disentangled and immediately returned to the automatic feeder. The machine front is completely clear to let the operator check the operations during the functioning of the machine and to intervene with promptness in case of anomaly and for easy maintenance. Mechanical control of the correct mounting sequence and of the pieces presence.