Special system to assemble mounting plates for hinges


Special system to assemble mounting plates for hinges

Données techniques

Cadence (pièces/heure) 2.600
Componenti da assemblare 9
Références produits 48

Ready to Run

Temps moyen pour changer la production 30'
Temps moyens de start-up 2 days
Temps moyens de ramp-up 4 hours
Special system to assemble mounting plates for hinges PLATES FOR HINGES


Main fetaures
Monobloc and rigid basement made of steel to ensure easy machine transport without dismantling the units (quick start-up).

Front machine accessibility for the operator, as the feeders are placed in the back and side part of the machine.

The system is studied in order to guarantee a quick production change (from 5 up to max 30 minutes), depending on the model.

Specific features
The system, composed by two rotary table machines, reduces by 1/3 the volume of a linear machine.

The pick and place arms have standard components. They are strong and, thanks to the use of slides, they can grant long duration and they don’t need maintenance. Moreover, only Cosberg pick and place arms with pneumatic movement can reach a speed of 60 cycles/min.

Grease drops dispensing device.

Sensor to detect the passage of grease drops between the nozzle and the components.

Control of strain on critical parts.

Automatic control of congruence between assembled parts and type of groups selected by keyboard.

Bowl and linear feeders with MOXMEC technology for better performances and energy saving.

The controller cards of the feeders are inside the control cabinet and the vibration parameters are memorized and protected by password.

Quick opening device for the chutes of linear vibrators.

There are two boards Simatic Mobile Panel 277. They are connectable by connector in front and at the rear of the machine.

A PC on machine side supervises the automatic change of production and it records all the working parameters and the day production data, divided per shift: productive cadence, nr. of good pieces and discards, causes of possible stops.