Cosberg is an active partner of JOiiNT Lab

Cosberg is an active partner of JOiiNT Lab

Cosberg is an active partner of JOiiNT Lab, the joint laboratory between the Italian Institute of Technology and Intellimech, a research consortium for mechatronics.

Together with us, 8 other consortium companies also participate in this important initiative: ABB, Brembo, Elettrocablaggi, Fassi, Giovenzana International, SDF, SIAD, Valtellina.

The Laboratory, created to develop projects on robotics and artificial intelligence in the industrial field, will be active from September. The initiative involves an investment of 5.2 million euros and the employment of 15 researchers and a dozen engineers, highly trained specialists and doctoral students from Kilometro Rosso and companies, for a total of approximately 25 operators who will carry out the activity under the supervision of some IIT researchers working in the field of advanced robotics.

The purpose of the Laboratory is to facilitate the application in real scenarios of advanced technologies developed by IIT, including remote smart working in the industrial field and collaborative robotics.

For Cosberg this is a great opportunity, to be on the front line in an initiative that will give a real technological change to local companies. This is a privileged position because it makes us feel like pioneers, in the Bergamo area, of a company that is as innovative as concrete, which will raise the value of our companies and make them more attractive.