Our History


History of a Company creating the Future

The company was established in 1982 thanks to a far-sighted intuition of its owner Ganluigi Viscardi. Since then, this Italian entity based in Terno d’Isola has been conceiving, designing and creating machines and modules for the automation of assembling processes.

Cosberg takes immediately its path, based on development of prototypes, investing every year more than 10% of its turnover in developing new solutions for industrial automation. Thanks to the support of Gianluigi’s brothers, Antonio and Ermanno Viscardi, who share the same open-minded vision of doing business, in a short time Cosberg converted itself from a family sizez into a multinational industrial enterprise.

Nowadays, the systems created by Cosberg are successfully operated in all main fields of industry , in electro-mechanics , electronics and white-goods. Specific care and sensitivity applied to each singular customer identified immediately the featuring values of the company, that contributed to create over the years a business group composed by two European branch offices in France and Slovenia, one based in Brazil and three sister-companies in Italy.

Masters in Assembling

The strength of tradition and the effectiveness of the management in  assimilating the strategic changes contributed to define the new Cosberg global profile.

The company, as it stands today, is the result of an evolutionary path starting from far away: Cosberg was able to face the market changes and change its skin ,  by applying a new managerial model ,  typical  of the big  international companies, whilst maintaining the basic industrial values that have formed the company and made it a market leader.