Research is a keystone of the world of Cosberg

For Cosberg, Innovation means to generate and valorise its Wealth of Knowledge

Involving people, avoiding the dispersion of the intellectual capital, a precious heritage of technical, managerial and commercial knowledge , so fundamental   as well so intangible asset. The know-how of a company and the added value of a successful business are hidden in the word of “Intangible Assets”. In order to improve the company’s human skills value, Cosberg designed a strategic sharing  logic by means of  a project of computerization of the knowledge. By creating this telematics  protocol, the "Global Knowledge" will always be kept in the e-bookstore of the company. The goal is to create a shared memory to avoid the dispersion of knowledge and to ensure its disclosure, so that each party involved, be it commercial, technical or production department, can immediately be acquainted with the best solutions to compete on the market and at the same time ensuring a reliable control of the costs. In this way the past of the company is reworked in the present time, by outlining a future projected to constant evolution.