The reliability of our machines, understood as preservation in time of the efficiency and performance levels, is well-known and acknolewged by our customers. The extreme attention to details we pay to the project design, realisation and acceptance test, turns into an excellent investment over time: as a matter of fact, it enables remarkable savings in time and resources for everyone, especially customers.

ACCEPTANCE TEST objective and productive

It is carried out with equipment that gather objective performance data. During this phase, the machines already start producing good parts. The acceptance test is carried out at Cosberg together with the customer, thus becoming also a training for his technicians. To carry it out, we use a software designed by Cosberg and integrated in the machine, which is able to supply objective data on the performance of the machine itself. Very often, the machines have already started to produce good parts before this phase: this enables the customer to have fully performing machinery even before the delivery.

DELIVERY: only ordinary freight

The size of our machines enable deliveries by ordinary means of transportation, in order to prevent the customer from paying extra charges for oversize load. The layout of every Cosberg machine is specifically designed in order to avoid disassembling the machine to transport it, but this does not prevent us from making machines within the size limits allowed for ordinary means of transportation.


It is the average time to install our machines, regardless from their type and size. Our single-block machines are made of electro-welded benches. The operating units are fixed and connected in order to ensure the maximum stability also during transportation: thus the machine can be transported and moved without disassembling it, avoiding a considerable waste of time during the installation.

RAMP-UP: 4 hours

Our machines only need a few hours to start producing at full speed. We build our machines based on standard modules that we customise to meet the specific requirements of the customer: this enables us to have a already tested and reliable starting point, consequently saving time during the ramp-up phase.


It is the time our machines need to change production: really short times correspond to higher efficiency, reduction of machine stops and consequent cost saving. Our design philosophy features the minimisation of machine components involved in the production change, trying to make them easily accessible and interchangeable, so that every necessary intervention of the operator is as easy and fast as possible.

MAINTAINABILITY: easy and quick

Easy access, ease of operation, rapidity of intervention and useful information from the machine: these are the key elements to save time and money in case of maintainance. During the project design phase, our attention is focused not only on productive efficiency, but also on other factors: customer’s needs, process features, ergonomic factors. That’s how we can guarantee high mantainability levels (considered as the ability of the plant to be easily reactivated).