Revamping is the main protagonist at MECSPE 2022

Revamping is the main protagonist at MECSPE 2022

At MECSPE Bologna we present something truly new: a machine after twenty years of life on which an important revamping operation has been done.

This is a demonstrative machine that hasn’t been working for a year, on which several interventions have been made. First of all, two new “intelligent” units were installed: one for screw driving and one for riveting, both driven by brushless motors that allow for real-time monitoring of the related process parameters, such as height, speed, force or torque. Riveting is also able to adapt its own process according to the variable dimensional tolerances of the components to be assembled: in this way the processes are managed independently and the result guarantees products with a “zero defect” quality.

The layout and the electrical system of the machine remain largely unchanged. Equipped is the Cosberg4Machine software, to monitor performance and consumption. This revamping operation made it possible to transform an obsolete machine into a solution that would respond efficiently to the new challenges that characterize our market.

This "demonstrative" operation is actually common practice for us, because we have been doing it for years for customers who have this need: we adjust their machines, machines that sometimes boast decades of continuous production, adapting them to new needs. We update them from a technological point of view, both on the hardware and on the software side, also managing to ensure optimization in the use of materials, which results in a reduction of waste.

This process of Revamping, that Cosberg carries out with considerable savings in terms of resources and time: our construction philosophy of modularity and standardization, together with adopted technologies facilitates the operations necessary for reconditioning, making everything faster.