In-line system to mount hydraulic tensioner


In-line system to mount hydraulic tensioner

Technical data

Speed (pieces/hour) 360
Components to be assembled 11
Operators 1
Product Versions 2

Ready to Run

Production change time 30'
Start-up time 1 day
Ramp-up time 1 day
In-line system to mount hydraulic tensioner HYDRAULIC TENSIONER


Main features
Automatic feeding of the gasket and the valve by means of electroresonant feeders that move the pieces on two vibrating grooves at the end of which pacing selectors divide the pieces, allowing a pneumatic pick and place arm to pick the pieces one by one.

The pins are mounted with the following controls:
· depth control before insertion, residual area measure after insertion and force control by loading cell;

· automatic feeding of the spring, with a special device for the picking and angular orientation of the piece; · automatic feeding and insertion of the washer thickness 0,2 mm with relevant pressing of the body;

· control of the assembled piece with low pressure seal test device (4,1 bar). The system features a control of the proper functioning with calibrated lacks and relevant control and managing system;

· marking of the assembled piece.