Automatic assembly machine for domestic sockets


Automatic assembly machine for domestic sockets

Technical data

Speed (pieces/hour) 1.800
Components to be assembled 7
Product Versions 4

Ready to Run

Production change time 30'
Start-up time 4 hours
Ramp-up time 4 hours
Automatic assembly machine for domestic sockets DOMESTIC SOCKETS


Main features
Features of the machine frame:
One-piece welded steel frame that enables transportation without demounting the machine, this providing quick installation and start-up.


The best possible accessibility is obtained by placing the parts-feeding devices on the rear side of the machine.
Pick and place arms:
They are Cosberg own design with standardized components and long lifecycle ball slides, that minimize maintenance.

Automatic completeness and operation control.

Automatic parts feeding(Moxmec):
MOXMEC vibration feeders provide high feeding speeds and save energy.
The bowl feeders are electromagnetic and their bowls are in stainless steel. They are inside soundproof housings and have hoppers to provide 4 hours autonomy. The linear feeders are piezoelectric.
The controllers of the vibration feeders are inside the control cabinet and the vibration parameters are memorized and protected by password.
The feeders for springs feature our special disentangling devices and the springs are blown through a hose directly into the insertion device .

Particular features
Special system to mount the spring into the contact and the mechanism in the contact holder.